Parking lots will be available on Zach Curlin Rd.


The Ellipse in front of the Mcwherter Library
on The University of Memphis Campus

START-- The Ellipse in front of the campus library on Zach Curlin Rd.

MILE 1-- Run around the ellipse and head south down Zach Curlin Rd. Round the first corner heading west on Walker Ave. Round the second corner heading north on Patterson Ave.

MILE 2-- Continue on Patterson Ave. Round the third corner and head east down Central Ave. Round the fourth corner and head south down Zach Curlin Rd. Turn right before the Ellipse on Norriswood Ave.

MILE 3-- Turn left at the Fogelman College of Business (Innovation Dr.) and head south with a grueling uphill climb through the center of campus. Followed by a fast downhill ascent back to Walker Ave. Turn left and head east on Walker Ave. Turn left after Smith Hall and push through another uphill climb back through campus.

FINISH-- Turn right before the Library and head toward the finishing sprint back around the Ellipse to the finish line.